June 26, 2004

Guest Post, on turning 30 by my wife Taney. 

Drum roll please.... hey I'm turning 30! Whoa do you know that is the first time I have written that. 30 ... hmm I know that to those over 30 married with kids doesn't seem that old but look at it from my stance, I've never been 30. 30 to me meant no more late nights, (even through I tire easily), no more heavy partying, ( then again I never did like loud noise or feeling like the room was circling when I finaly did go to bed), 30s is when you notice you have physicaly changed to what you belived you looked like when you look in the mirror, and I have noticed this. 30 means you have a couple of kids, ( I working on the one right now). I guess I have wondered aimlessly into this 30 stuff. I guess that is what the 20s are for to wonder lamely, fall a couple of times and then plop suddenly One is 30. And one of my nagging thoughts as B-day arrives is that I am nothing like those horrible people from that program 30something. I was pointed out that show is supposed to reflect the babyboomers but still it made me pause for thought. I know that I am entering a new stage of Motherhood and I have been welcoming that for close to 6 years. Maybe I thought I would never turn 30 at least until I am good and ready. lol.
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June 18, 2004

Philadelphia Phillies 

I had an opportunity to go and see my first ever baseball game this week, the Phillies 'v' the Detriot Tigers. There is more to report than just that after a long rain delay the Phillies was beaten badly. But that to be sitting in seats immediately behind the home plate in the brand new Citizen Bank Ballpark was something, quite something!

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